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Meet Dr. Ayodhya Nath Dasa. All India Alternative Medical Council

Dr. Ayodhya Nath Dasa (D.Bansee), is a registered medical practitioner of Alternative Medicines from All India Alternative Medical Council. Registered under Act 1882 (MDCCCLXXXII) Government of NCT of Delhi, based on the Central Government Of India. He is also a qualified Naturopathic Doctor, treating all types of chronic ailments such as diabetes, hyper tension, infertility, obesity, skin diseases, menstrual disorders, digestive disorders, fibrosis and cancer etc. 


My Specialisations

The common cause of all diseases is the accumulation of waste and poisonous matter in the body which result from over eating. The majority of people eat too much and follow sedentary occupation which do not permit sufficient and proper exercises for utilisation of this large quantity of food. This surplus overburdens the digestive and assimilative organs and clogs up the system with impurities or poisons. 
Digestion and elimination become slow and the functional activity of the whole system gets disturbed.


When the body is functioning optimally, we are in a state of homeostasis. This means that all the internal systems of our body are in equilibrium, despite any variations in external factors. Homeostasis is maintained by the body's self-regulating and self-repairing ability, but for those to function correctly, our diet and lifestyle must be balanced and supportive. If they are not, the correct balance of essential nutrients like enzymes and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for the maintenance of these functions and the protection of the body against harmful wastes, and their elimination will be disrupted. When homeostasis is disturbed, disease results.This begins with individual cells which in turn make up specific tissues and organs. When a cell's normal regulating and communication processes are altered, disease begins. The miracle of nature is that all these processes are self-correcting when given a chance. This is what healing is about. The healing process can be assisted in many ways, but chemical invasion is not  the way to do it , except  in extreme illness when we have allowed the disease to go too far. 
The ideas we have about ourselves actually affect how our body responds. It is important therefore , not to become obsessed with having our specific symptoms relieved or suppressed, or for our diseases to disappear, but to view that wish in a detached way. We need to practice seeing ourselves as a whole body not just as a disease. If we do not feel well, it is good to think of ourselves only as being out of balance, and then to visualise coming back into balance, to have confidence that we have within us all that we need to become healthy. It's not so much a vague kind of faith healing as a very positive and constructive attitude that we give ourselves permission, that we have a "right" to be well, it is in fact, what the body is always trying to do- heal  itself, we just need to assist the process along and not block it.



Women’s Health

Skin Diseases

Digestion Disorders



Hyper Tension

Hormonal Imbalance



"Disease is the healing mechanism of the body."

Dr Ayodhya Nath Dasa

What Patients Say

“For the past 50 years I have worked hard and played hard whilst enjoying life to the max.
I was leading a happy life until January 2014 when I suddenly struck by mild CVA. 

I received treatment at Flacq hospital followed by massage therapy but I was not fully cured. 

In March 2014 I sought the help of a Dr Ayodhya Nath Dasa, who introduced me to a drugless cure. After 16 consecutive days, I underwent a drastic change. Prior to my treatment I was obese and suffering from diabetes, hyper tension, high cholesterol and heart problem. I was taking 12 pills daily for over 25 years. I was a non veg up until my health scarce. 

I can happily say I am a vegetarian  now and living a happy healthy life without medicines ; 

  • BP dropped from 170 to 120

  • Glucose level dropped from 15 to 5.4

Without any hesitation I would recommend Dr. Ayodhya Nath Dasa.”

Prittee Viraz Racktoo


"Successfully digesting your food protects you against most illnesses. Failing to digest puts in an endless cycle of diseases and sufferings."

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